Linkedin posting

Thank you for accepting my connection on Linkedin.  I photograph people in very unique ways, and would like the opportunity to show you some of my work.  Feel free to comment on anything you see.  I’m looking to expand further into the world market, and look forward to hearing from you in the near future, if desired.  


Thank you again.  



Professionals needing family vacation images

I've done this in the past, and am looking for professionals who travel with their family, to seminars often times, giving speeches while their family vacations with them.  In the past, I have photographed doctors and their family enjoying their vacation as well the occasional speeches. 

A full creative documentation of the professional and his family  while on location, lasting up to a week.

The family will then either receive all the images immediately/unedited put onto various dvd's or can be viewed on-line.  The unique opportunity for amazing images is often missed while preoccupied with work, so using my extensive background in photojournalism, fashion, fine art, portraits and sports, I'm able to provide that missing connection doctor's often miss. 

Prices are subject to change according to specifics, but $10K is customary.

A variety of services is offered, such as books, enlargements and extended work, for a reasonable price.    Please call for further information, or scheduling. 


Thank you.  

Dan Stanley

Overcast Days really turn me on......

I swear that the best lighting situations occur on "bad days," for most but absolute gold for most photographers who shoot outdoors.  The big umbrella that nature provides makes it possible to control shadows and highlights better than anything else.  :)

PayPal and beyond

I installed a PayPal account today, so you have the ability to request and pre-pay for the exact services you'll need.  

I'm also looking for models looking to do high fashion and nude images with a variety of locations.

New Site, New Models

I've been trying to upload as many of the images that I really enjoy, I know that it's all for advertising, but you'll get a better understanding of me, seeing a bit more.  A lot of designing your own site is really new to me so please hang in there, it's coming.  

Also, I'm really looking to add a lot more new models to all the new ideas running through me.  Heading on location for a week to be inspired and shoot.  Lookin' good, let me know.  :)